Our Curriculum

Find out more about our Curriculum, Mission Statement, Ethos and our Pedagogy

Our Mission Statement

Little Minds Nursery is a unique pack away setting. We aim to motivate, inspire and challenge children in their learning to create a space where fascination, creativity and endless possibilities for learning are at the core of what we do

We weave the magic and the children then create it.

Our Ethos

At little Minds we believe:

  • That children have the right to play, children learn by leading their own play and taking part in play guided by adults.
  • That supporting children’s well-being is fundamental to engaging them in learning
  • The outdoors provides a classroom with no limits
  • To allow children to achieve we need to allow time for children to learn, to think, to speak and to do.
  • We must give children time to persevere, to overcome challenges and to develop independence.


We have a strong family ethos, a home from home feel. It is what we believe makes Little Minds unique. We want the best for all of our children, families and our team.

We have a strong belief that building a happy team makes for happy children:

Happy team = Happy Children = Happy families

      Our Curriculum

      Little Minds Curriculum is the child’s FUTURE

      Foundations to life – We use our educational programmes based around the EYFS 7 areas of learning to promote and develop children’s learning

      Understanding of the world – We guide the children to make sense of their physical world and their community through different opportunities.

      The love of language – A rich vocabulary helps children succeed in whatever they chose to do

      Unique child – Each child having opportunities to interact in positive relationships and enabling environments that encourage their engagement and recognise their strengths

      Resilience and independence – Teaching children the ability to bounce back after challenges and tough times and giving them the essential life skills of doing things for themselves which also includes decision making and taking on responsibility.

      Engaging experiences (meaningful) – We provide the children with a wide variety of experiences to motivate, inspire and challenge allowing them to succeed in our curriculum.


      Our nurturing environment values all children and supports their development of independence and self-esteem. This allows every Little Minds Child to reach their full potential from transitions within the Nursery and then finally onto their next chapter of ‘Big School’ or their next learning adventure and beyond.


      Our Pedagogy

      At Little Minds Nursery, the child is the centre of our curriculum and is at the heart of our pedagogy.

      We have a strong focus on child-initiated play, and this enables us to plan in the moment when teachable moments arise. We have a blended pedagogy where we have picked our favourite parts of different approaches. We use Birth to 5 matters to help plan and ensure children are making progress.

      At Little Minds Nursery we start with what the child can already do and use this as a foundation to scaffold their leaning, by supporting their natural spontaneous desire to learn. 

      We focus on the importance of opportunities for children to build their knowledge and acquire skills through exploration, interaction with materials, opportunities both inside and outside the setting and imitation of positive role models.

      Our Nursery staff play the role of facilitators, motivating, prodding, and making children think and enact real-life situations.

      We provide engaging enabling environments to promote a sense of belonging to the children and enhance their learning with the tools in different areas of the EYFS curriculum.


      We monitor the impact of our curriculum and pedagogy through the use of a tapestry online journal where keep parents updated with everything that happens within the setting. Each child’s key worker will write 2 reports per year using their own knowledge about the children (their abilities and their interests) to create achievable, yet aspiring targets.


      It is ultimately what every parent desires for their child’s growth and development.