Parent Feedback

Find out what our parents think about Little Minds and the care we are providing for the children we look after.

Comments from our Annual Parents feedback form 2023:

      • I think the wide range of activities that you do with the little ones is fabulous. My child loves going to nursery every day, so keep doing what you’re doing!
      • The staff seem very well attuned to the babies’ individual needs and characters. The staff picked up very quickly when my child was not herself and they were quite right, she actually became quite poorly for the whole week after after they called me to come and take her home.
      • I love your staff, they clearly love their job and that comes through
      • I love the reports- it’s clear you know my child
      • The AMAZING staff! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and make the children feel like part of the family. It really is a huge comfort when my child looks forward to nursery every day even if it isn’t a nursery day. The parent/staff communication is brilliant.
      • The variety in what you do with the children. Every day my child comes home telling me about different things she has done at nursery and how much she enjoys it, and no day is ever the same.
      • Great communication
      • Provide lots of fun and interactive learning experiences
      • Generally, just the caring, loving and nurturing staff that are within the setting. We really feel like my child is loved and supported which is so important given he spends so much time there.
      • I have appreciated the efforts you have put in to little touches in the last year; the new sandpit, the library, parents evening (although we didn’t make it!), new ideas/toys, sharing more on the Facebook group. It’s lovely to know that as a manager you are still very involved in the day to day bits too!
      • The importance placed on staff happiness and development. They are the heart of Little Minds and give our children so many gifts, not just all the things they teach but how much they care and respect them as little people!! They are wonderful role models for them at such a crucial stage of their development.
      • The range of activities that you guys do, the thought and effort that is put into everything, from forest school to amazing tuff trays, crafts and games! And of course, the shows!! It’s fantastic.
      • If Laura, didn’t invest time and effort in your team and support them in having a nice place to work, they wouldn’t have the headspace to be so creative in what they do and to go the extra mile for the kids. You lead wonderfully by example!!
      • This is my 4th childcare setting that I’ve used with my children and the Little Minds nursery staff in toddler room make your nursery Platinum Gold star standard in comparison. Their enthusiasm and passion is something money can’t buy. The staff are by far your biggest asset. I can drop my child off knowing she’s getting 5 star care tailored to her needs in an individual child lead setting. I wish I sent my other children here. 
      • Excellent quality, fresh meals and snacks as well as regular cooking sessions with the children.
      • Being the absolute best role models to our children
      • the way you are constantly looking to improve and develop things, be that new toys, carpets (decor) or your curriculum. 
      • The staff are always so welcoming and happy in the mornings, my child bounds on in without even looking back! Also feel that messages are always listened to and passed on well or time is easily made to chat with particular staff etc. 
      • Lots of opportunities to catch up with keyworker via call, parents eve and feel like we’ve developed a good relationship with the whole nursery. 
      • Food Menus
      • Giving your child this young to someone else to look after, even for a couple of hours, is a scary and upsetting process for many parents. You made this easier with your smiley faces and welcoming attitude every day. Thank you very much for looking after our children
      • You showed cultural sensitivity for us and celebrated the 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. Even baked Turkish Pizza. That one was very special for us and for our families. You might bring some tears to our grannies eyes